Dr Green’s Creations

Transcript taken from an introduction Argos Grim gave new members of the Greenie Liberation Front.

Listen up pups,

My name is Argos. You can all call me Argy; most people around here do. I know know how wet behind the ears all of you are, but let me tell you about our creator Doctor Victor Green. Most people respect and admire their creators, but our sadistic monster of a creator can fuck right off. I don’t know if you’re a first generation or a fifth generation Greenie, Lycan, or Abom, but, I can tell you, those of us first generations were seriously fucked up by that sadist. Doctor Green has been around since before the merge; I’m fairly certain he’s some kind of immortal devil sent to punish all of humanity. I, personally, was kidnapped out of my bed at age five by project justice and turned into a lab rat at that man's hands. He spliced my genetic material with a dogs and I became what you see before you.

Doctor Green was a man born in the world of science before the merge; he created the most popular pet of the day Bunnys. And, after his genetic creation hit the shelves and became popular, he was contracted by the government. Rumors say he lost his wife and unborn children and that he originally came up with the Bunnys for around that time. He threw himself into his research and when the government wanted to create new soldiers to deal with and keep secret the magic that seemed to have seeped into their world, he was more than happy to oblige them. The government kept him busy with a near endless supply of test subjects and he created the core two races we know today: the Greenies and the Lycanthropes, occasionally creating the odd Abomination as his research went awry. Meanwhile, in the background as time passed and magic seeped into the living things in the world, his research moved more and more smoothly, and his Bunnys became warped turning from pets into the most populous monster in the world. Eventually, the government broke down, shattered and the war was lost. However, Green never stopped his research and his creating us. Eventually, he found a new benefactor in Zeus of Project Justice who needed mindless soldiers for his cause of unifying Discord city under his rule. Green didn’t care as long as it meant more test subjects. So, they were a match made in hell. That is the type of man our creator is. He’s not a merciful God of creation; he is a madman who cares about nothing but selfishly experimenting on as many people as he can to create whatever he pleases. And that’s why we the Greenie Liberation Front exist, to free our brethren - all our brethren be them Greenie, Lycanthrope, or even Abomination - from the hands of Project Justice and Doctor Green. Let me break down his creations, you and your fellow brethren, in detail for you.

First of all his prized children, his first creations, that he began to make after he finished creating Bunny’s and started dabbling with humans, the Lycanthropes. Lycanthropes can transition between human and animal forms. Some have a human, animal, and heterozygous form. Some only have two of them Human and Beast, Heterozygous and Beast, or Human and Heterozygous. I say human, but as some of you know he has experimented with turning non human races into his creations as well with some rare successes. Lycanthropes have been created of many different animals, monsters, and creatures. Certain Lycanthropes, like werewolves, have become so prevalent that they have tribes and villages of them out there in the world. After all, for the most part a child of a human and a lycanthrope are born a lycanthrope. I’m sure some of you in this crowd are third or even eighth generation lycanthropes. He’s been making them for over 300 years after all. Lycanthropes have been considered lucky by others of his creations - the Greenies and the Abominations - as they can pass for human, well most of them can. Thanks to that we use them as spies among the more human oriented groups as well as within Project Justice to try and take down Green who hides among them creating soldiers.

Second, are his creations the Heterozygous which we just call Greenies cause that’s one hell of a mouthful. Greenies are half human-half animals like me. We look humanoid, but have animal features to some degree. For example: my fur and face look like that of a dogs’, but I walk upright on two legs. I do have fangs and claws in my muzzle and on my fingers but I am still human inside, at least that's just how I feel. Some Greenies are lucky like I was and get to keep their mind and are only slightly controlled by their instincts. Others are less lucky, either controlled by instinct or brainwashed by Project Justice into soldiers. The most famous Greenies I can think of are the group of mice and rat greenies that - not only escaped - but created their own village where they work together and live in harmony. It was so embarrassing that I’ve heard Green has never made a mouse or rat greenie since. As I look over the crowd here, I can see a vast variety of different Greenies. We truly come in all shapes and sizes: some of you have skin, some fur, some scales, some have human faces, others faces like mine, more in tune with our inner beast. Those of you who were born a greenie are special and lucky in a way you never knew what it was like to have those horrible experiments performed on you that made you something other than what you were before. It warms my heart to see future generations of us who didn’t have to go through that horror. He’s been making Greenies for over 300 years as well. We may not be able to transform as our Lycanthrope brethren and he might have thought of us as mindless grunts, but we are truly people and living creatures and he will regret underestimating us in such a way. One day, I hope Green feels my fangs at his very throat and I can watch the light drain out of his eyes the way he watched my will to live drain out of my eyes as he performed his inhumane experiments on me.

Sorry I got dark there for a moment…

Last, but not least, we have his third creations, the ones he refers to as Abominations. Abominations are the Doctor’s mistakes. People created when his tried and true methods go horribly awry, either from some dormant gene in their DNA or carelessness on his part I have no idea, but they run the gamut from mindless brutes that live off blood and chaos to peaceful creatures who have a monsterous outward experience. Their appearances normally are humanoid but in some cases they can be barely humanoid as well; I’ve seen ones that are just bulging muscles covered in light grey fur that looked like a roided out super soldier. When I first met him, my tail went between my legs and I instinctively feared him, but once I met him I learned he was a gentle soul who collected and tamed bunnies so that he could pet them gently. Sadly, the experiments fried his brain and he was basically as mentally mature as a five year old. He lives with us now and tends a garden in the underground. Just be gentle and kind with him if you meet him. We call him Lenny. On the other hand, I’ve met one that was spliced with an octopus and he was a roving machine of madness hell bent on destroying the village we discovered him in. Sadly, we had to kill him, but there was not much of the man inside left in him. The light of sanity tends to be dim in the eyes of the Abominations but, never judge a book by it’s cover. I’ve heard rumors of one that looks like a beast of a man, but his eyes are that of a cold, calculating genius. If I ever get the chance to meet him, I don’t know if I would want to shake the hand of a man who kept himself under that horrible procedure that created him, or run in fear of what it might have turned him into. A side note, not all Abominations are created by Green. Rarely - very, very rarely - an Abomination may be born to a Greenie or Lycanthrope parent. But, most of the time, our animal instincts kick in and we kill the creature before it has a chance to become a danger to us.

Those are the three humanoid races this mad scientist has created within the world. Rumors are he has other offshoots of research, but as far as we know, the only four types of creatures he created enough of to be considered races are Lycanthropes, Heterozygous, Abominations, and of course the most common of monsters, Bunny’s that he created as a pet before the merge. Yes I know some Bunnies can be intelligent and learn to speak but I don’t consider them a true race like us so I will not waste the effort to speak of them here. With that I welcome you all as brothers in arms in the Greenie Liberation Front with the goal of freeing more of our brothers and sisters from the bondage of Project Justice, Doctor Green, and his current benefactor the ruler of Project Justice, Zeus.

May our pack run strong and meet our goal of true freedom!


Tips for Greenies

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